Please note that the following are basic instructions. They should provide the information you need for most updates. If you need further assistance, please contact us.

Image Editors
Please note that we recommend using only jpg, gif or png files. Please do not use uppercase letters or spaces in your files names.

Maximizing images in Irfanview - This is a very important step! We cannot emphasize enough how important this is, especially now. Google will lower your results in the search engines for mobile devices if your images are larger than they should be. Not only that, but large images are affectionately known around our office as "elephants in spandex"; a massive file squeezed into a tiny space that can really slow down your website. insructions - Full documentation for all of the features in from the developers of the program.

GIMP documentation - Follow the table of contents to access any of the information you need for GIMP. The main item to note is that "Save" will save the working GIMP file, whereas "Export" will allow you to save your image in the standard jpg, gif, png, etc. 

Web Editing

Filezilla Instructions - You will occasionally receive prompts to update the program. Feel free to do so; it will not affect your computer adversely. If, after an update, you run into any problems, give us a call at 403-335-8800 and we'll do some trouble shooting with you. We've likely already encountered the change and can walk you through a solution. 

Joomla Instructions - This document provides very basic instructions for updating your site. There are numerous tutorials online if you're looking for more extensive instructions. Keep in mind that changes could potentially affect the overall functionality of your site. Please be very certain that you want to make the changes. If specific instructions are needed for modules and plugins, we can provide them.

Also note that Joomla updates its software fairly frequently. If you find that some of the instructions are irrelevant or outdated, please let us know. Also, contact us before updating the Joomla version, so we can make sure it isn't going to cause unexpected results. 

WordPress Instructions - This document, like the instructions for Joomla, provides basic instructions. 

WordPress updates its software more frequently than Joomla. If a plugin has been customized for your site, you will need to contact us before updating it. Please do not update the WordPress version without contacting us first.