Round Lake Lawn Care Services

Round Lake Lawn Care Services

Happy customers are every business' best advertising! We were contacted by Round Lake Lawn Care after they spoke to another of our clients who recommended us. The website features the various yard services offered to residences and businesses in the Red Deer area.

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Zion Baptist Church of Kensington

We can't take credit for the primary design of this website. They needed help when the template and software install they had was hacked. Unfortunately, it was so bad the best solution was to start over with a fully-updated version of WordPress. So we replicated the design they had, with some tweaks, and they are back up and operational again.

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Diggiti Graffix

Diggiti Graffix

She came to us with all the right stuff -- images, content, a logo -- and we were able to put it all together the first time in a way that she could say, "I LOVE IT!"

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Karen Rispin

We have worked with Karen through the organization she runs, and for which we designed a website. She asked that we assist her in featuring her wonderful photography work.

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